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Jonathan Fogelberg

Jonathan is a distinguished expert in the field of health and nutrition, renowned for his unparalleled achievements with clients that surpass those of any other Scandinavian coach. With his unwavering commitment to guiding individuals toward a healthier lifestyle, he has emerged as the driving force behind numerous remarkable physiques and successful athletes throughout Scandinavia.

Under Jonathan's guidance, his clients have achieved remarkable feats, including an impressive tally of 10 professional cards and over 280 top 3 podium finishes worldwide. His expertise extends beyond traditional fitness, as he has also effectively coached individuals for prestigious competitions such as the CrossFit Games and Mr. Olympia. Moreover, his clientele includes high-performing CEOs and COOs, whom he has successfully assisted in attaining improved health, enhanced cognitive function, heightened focus, and increased energy levels.

In recent years, Jonathan has acquired valuable knowledge and guidance from renowned business experts and mentors in various fields. He has been fortunate to work closely with a top-ranked business coach, an influential mastermind leader specializing in marketing and sales for fitness coaches, and a highly acclaimed author specializing in productivity and leadership.


Jonathan is a highly successful serial entrepreneur, with his main business being an online fitness coaching company. Since becoming a certified personal trainer in 2009, he has been coaching clients, catering to both top-tier athletes and high-performing individuals dedicated to their health and fitness.

Recently, Jonathan has expanded his coaching company, now overseeing a team of five coaches. Within the company, he spearheads Scandinavia's fastest-growing body transformation program, the 90-day challenge, with plans to take it global in the coming years. 

In addition to his coaching endeavors, Jonathan is a co-owner of Optimize Nutrition, a prominent Swedish supplement company since 2023. This strategic partnership allows him to ensure that his clients have access to top-quality fitness products.

Moreover, Jonathan has ventured into the media industry as a co-owner of a media studio, expanding his entrepreneurial portfolio.

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