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Jonathan Fogelberg

As a professional trainer, Jonathan has a passion for guiding people towards a healthier life. He is the mastermind behind many of the most successful, Scandinavian physiques and athletes. 

Not only has he managed to help his clients to a total of 6 professional cards and over 280 podium places over the world.
He has also coached clients for contest such as CrossFit Games, Mr Olympia as well as high performing CEOs and COOs to better health, cognitive function, focus and energy.

Want to turn pro? Jonathan is the go-to-guy for top athletes who wants to perform at the highest level. With his base in Dubai, he is now scaling up his coaching looking to help clients all over the world. 

In recent years, Jonathan has hired and learned from his mentor Forbes #1 business coach 2022, Vince Delmonte. He has also been mentored by both Dr Chris Spearman who runs a mastermind focused on marketing & sales for fitness coaches as well as best-selling author Craig Ballantyne for productivity and leadership.


Jonathan runs several projects and businesses.

One of them is his coaching company. H
e became a certified personal trainer in 2009 and have been coaching clients ever since.
He helps both prominent athletes at the highest level as well as high performers who take their health and fitness very seriously.

He recently scaled up the company and now has a team of 5 coaches. Within the company he runs Scandinavia's fastest growing body transformation program called 90 days challenge. The goal is to take this challenge worldwide over the coming years. Another goal within the company is to help 250,000 people worldwide to better performance by 2030, by optimizing nutrition, training, sleep and stress management. 

Since Jonathan is all about making sure his clients reach their full potential, he started his own supplement company, JF supplement. Simply to make sure there are good fitness products out there for this clients to use. 

Last but not least, he turned one of his hobbies into a company. When he was younger he used to work in his mothers jewelry shop which is where his love for watches grew. He now has has a company who imports and sells luxury watches. 
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